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Happy Birthday Luke and Robert

12/1 is always a special time in the Montana Harrison home. That's because we were blessed with two wonderful boys.

Come on in and enjoy our celebration. The year is 2005 and the twins are ten years old !!!  HURRAY


The Presents

The boys are never dissappointed with all of these presents.

Can we open the presents, yet???

Wait a minute till dad takes a picture. Ready go...


The tearing starts....................................


Look at those cakes. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

The Windbags

Blow guys.

Not quite out

Keep going Robert.


Mom always ask how big a piece do you want? We always reply "REALLY BIG".


Gamma just wants a small piece.

Who Loves Gamma?

We know that Luke and Robert do.

Who Loves Mom?

Robert does.

Who Else?

Luke does.

Anyone else?

All of the boys love there mommy!!!!!


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